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1.3 million Bus Journeys On 220 Route

January marked the first year anniversary of Cork’s first ever 24 hour city bus service, Route 220 (Ovens - Ballincollig - City Centre - Maryborough Hill - Carrigaline that came into operation in conjunction with the National Transport Authority (NTA) in 2019.

Since its introduction, Bus Éireann has seen an increase of over 70% growth reached on the 220 Route, which has resulted in 1.3 million customer journeys. Some of the key service improvements included: A 24 hour Ballincollig to Carrigaline via city centre route, Weekday frequency doubled to every 15 minutes between 0600 and midnight, 30/60 minute frequency between midnight and 0600. Since 2018, Bus Éireann has recruited 180 new drivers in Cork with 30 of these created specifically for the Route 220 service.

Bus Éireann say, “in conjunction with the NTA we continue to make improvements for our customers and in 2019, service improvements were made to Routes 216, 223, 225 and the Route 213. These included frequency increases, extended hours of operation and better connections for our customers.”

Leap Card usage has grown to over 63% on all trips in Cork city and in early December, Bus Éireann introduced new ticketing software that has reduced boarding times for our customers.

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