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51 New Ukrainians Now Living In The Carrigaline Local Area

Writes Ciaran Dineen

According to statistics collated by the Central Statistics Office (CSO), up until the 23rd May, there are now 51 new arrivals from Ukraine living in the Carrigaline Local Electoral Area (LEA).

The number is relatively low compared to some adjacent LEAs, such as Bandon-Kinsale and Midleton, who have recorded new Ukrainian arrivals of 266 and 597 respectively. However, across the harbour in Cobh, a similar figure to Carrigaline of 57 have been recorded. The LEA which had the highest number of associated arrivals from Ukraine was North Inner City in Dublin with 1,156 individuals.

According to the CSO, as of the week ending 22 May 2022, there have been 33,151 Personal Public Service Numbers (PPSNs) issued to individuals from Ukraine under the Temporary Protection Directive.

Women aged 20 and over account for 48% of arrivals to date, while individuals aged 0-19 (both male and female) account for 38%. The highest percentage of those arriving (43% or 14,271 individuals) were categorised as 'One parent with children' under the broad relationship classification headings used. Note that spouses/partners may have stayed in Ukraine.

Based on the 33,151 arrivals, 90% or 29,718 individuals could be mapped to a local post office address, through which they were seeking assistance from the Department of Social Protection, for instance to collect social protection payments personally.

Commenting on the release, Karola Graupner, Statistician, said: “This Arrivals from Ukraine in Ireland release is based on administrative data up to 22 May 2022. It is the first publication by the Central Statistics Office (CSO) providing insights into Ireland’s response to the Ukrainian crisis. This release includes an analysis of Ukrainian arrivals who are availing of support and services from the Department of Social Protection. Our analysis also shows that the rate per 100 of the population ranges across all LEAs in the country from 0.03% to 6.81%. The LEA with the highest rate is Ennistimon in Clare while the LEA of Drogheda Rural in Louth had the lowest rate in the country."

The local response to the ongoing war in Ukraine has been evident, with collection points for clothing and aid established in various places around the Carrigaline LEA, while schools across the district have welcomed new students from Ukraine with open arms during this horrific and traumatic time.

St. Peter’s Secondary School in Passage West is one of the schools who have opened its doors, with Principal Derek Dunne telling The Carrigdhoun Newspaper in April, “We asked teachers to volunteer their time and the response has been incredible. We’ve been able to cover many hours of English language teaching, some by specialist EAL teachers, all from the goodwill of our teachers. Pupils too have been very inquisitive about their new classmates. It’s all a great learning experience.’ The school’s deputy principal Blanid Quane and principal have themselves committed to returning to the classroom to teach the group.”

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