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Adults Only In Kinsale?

In what is seen as a reaction to the ‘family friendly’ ethos of restaurants in the locality, restaurateur William Blackburn, co-owner of a highly successful adults only Asian restaurant in the US, has identified Kinsale as the ideal location for his first Irish venture. Mr. Blackburn wants to offer diners what he describes as ‘A relaxing, childfree dining experience’. “Let’s face it, most adults, if they were being honest, would describe kids as a necessary evil. It’s tough having to deal with them if they’re your own but what really riles people who are trying to enjoy a meal, is when out of control brats scream demands at their parents, throw food around and then leave the table to play tag with other brats. Even well behaved kids are a pain – kiddie friendly menus etc. There are plenty of places for families to eat. My aim is to provide a restaurant for the child free of all ages, who want to eat in peace”. Adults only restaurants are a growing phenomenon throughout the USA, as more and more couples elect to remain child free.

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