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Another Call For Traffic Calming At Ballygarvan

Writes Leo McMahon

There was full support for a call by Cllr Ben Dalton-O’Sullivan (Ind) at the monthly meeting of Cork County Council’s Carrigaline Municipal District (MD) that in the interest of pedestrian safety, traffic calming measures are installed in Ballygarvan village as soon as possible.

Speeding, he said, was the big issue at a recent meeting of Ballygarvan Community Association (BCA) that he attended and it was unacceptable that there was a lack of footpath, especially for children going to and from the bus and school. He stressed the need for a plan and funding.

Cllr Dalton O’Sullivan pictured highlighting Ballygarvan’s busy road.

‘Speeding through the village is incredible’ said Cllr Aidan Lombard (FG) in support, adding that he raised the issue several times when he was a member of Bandon-Kinsale MD.Widening the bridge in Ballygarvan to facilitate a footpath was key to progressing with a much-needed pedestrian crossing and other traffic calming measures, he stated.

Cllr Marcia D’Alton (Ind) said that while it wasn’t in the Carrigaline MD area up till recently, she still got e mails in the past and supported Cllr Dalton-O’Sullivan’s motion.

Cathaoirleach Seamus McGrath (FF) concurred and pointed out that he met with senior officials at Ballygarvan last year to press for measures along what is a busy regional road with heavy goods vehicles and no roadside footpath between the housing estate and school.

Senior executive engineer Madeleine Healy replied that there was an application from the council called a ‘Section 50’ with the Office of Public Works (OPW) concerning the bridge but warned this process could take a long time due to a backlog at the OPW.

She agreed that if the bridge was widened, it would eliminate the problems outlined because to have a pedestrian crossing required a footpath on both sides.Cllr McGrath suggested speed activated flashing signs in the meantime and the engineer undertook to enquire about this. Cllr Lombard urged that the council be in a position to start traffic calming once the go-ahead for work on the bridge was given. Cllr Dalton-O’Sullivan’s motion was adopted.

Bowen’s Cross

That an urgent review is undertaken of Bowens Cross on the R600 Kinsale Road between Ballygarvan and Fivemilebridge and that appropriate traffic calming and road safety measures, along with road repairs are considered in the interests of motorists’ safety was another motion from Cllr Dalton-O’Sullivan.

This he said, was another issue that came up at the recent meeting of BCA. The grass was tall and there was no visibility at the junction, especially near the bus stop. He asked if there was a plan to make it safer.

Ms. Healy replied that the grass would be cut. Bowen’s Cross was on the Low Cost Safety Scheme programme for the past two years with a preliminary proposal that would improve visibility but ‘serious funding’ would be required because there was land acquisition involved. She undertook to speak to her colleagues again to see if anything could be progressed. The motion was adopted.

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