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Busteed Family Gathering – 11th – 13th June

Busteed Family Gathering Writes Eileen McGough One of the sub-committees of the Tracton Community Council is the Tracton Genealogy and Local History Committee. The group undertakes voluntary genealogical research for descendants of those who emigrated from Tracton in the 19th century. An impressive archive of local records is being built up and trained genealogists, who are members of the group, deal with all genealogical enquiries which come from abroad or from nearer home. The sub-committee is organising another family Gathering at the Tracton Arts and Community Centre in June of this year. As happened with the highly successful Drinan Family Gathering in August 2014, descendants of those Busteeds who emigrated from County Cork are booked to travel from the USA, from Canada, the U.K. and Australia to meet together and with their Ireland based relatives at this 2 day event.??? To date there are 45 confirmed travellers from all corners of the globe, with 34 more Busteeds who live abroad indicating an interest. With those who live locally and in the whole of Ireland this Gathering promises to be a significant, enjoyable and informative Diaspora event.?? The Tracton Arts and Community Centre will be the focus of a major exhibition, cultural events, historical talks and socialising during the days of Saturday and Sunday, 11th/12th June. ?In the meanwhile if you have a Busteed relation or friend, do please tell them about this unique Gathering. ?Most of the Busteeds who live worldwide emigrated from County Cork- now their descendants, many for the first time, will visit where their ancestors originated. We are indebted to Orla Busteed, a founding members of the Tracton Genealogy committee, for this brief extract from her recorded family history. ??‘Between the Sovereign Rocks at Oysterhaven’? The arrival of the Busteed family in 1611 to County Cork was noted in the Calender of State Papers for Ireland 1603 – 1624. Then in 1728/29 this more detailed account was recorded by Giles Busteed-???‘An Account of the family of the Busteeds taken from Giles Busteed at Killingley, grandson to Old John, aged seventy-four years, by William Busteed of the City of Cork, March 3rd 1728/9.’??“Old John Busteed came over from Tukesbury, a Corporation town in Gloucestershire with his family, between the Sovereign Rocks into the harbour of Oysterhaven near Kinsale sometime before the rebellion of forty-one and inhabited Gortmalire on the Blackwaterside near Mallow where he had a copyhold. He brought over with him five sons and two daughters. The names of the said sons was Giles, Richard, William (twins), John and Thomas. The names of said daughters he does not remember but that the eldest was married to Mr Phillip Raynes of Mallow and the other to Mr John Brooks of Mallow. Giles, the eldest son of said Old John Busteed, purchased Mountlong of a sergeant and eight soldiers of Oliver Cromwell’s army.? William settled at Ballycrowe in Immokilly, afterwards removed to Blackrock. Richard settled at Ballinure near Blackrock. John settled at Killingley and Thomas died young.?? The Characters of the above four brothers:? One of them was good at home and abroad?, The second was neither good at home nor abroad, which was Richard?, The third was good at home and not abroad, ?The fourth was good abroad and not at home.” All enquiries to; do access our facebook page; tractonfamilyhistory; or e mail, Google Busteed Family Gathering

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