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Calls For Extra Gardaí In Carrigaline

Coveney Calls For Extra Gardaí  & ‘Operation Thor’ For Carrigaline

Tánaiste and Cork South-Central TD Simon Coveney last week met with senior Gardai to call for a targeted and specialist response to burglaries in Carrigaline.

Simon Coveney met with Assistant Commissioner for the Southern Region, Anne Marie McMahon, at Anglesea Street Station for a briefing on investigations into the crimes.

The Tánaiste says, “I had a strong briefing from Assistant Commissioner McMahon and also discussed what is needed from government.”

“What I think is necessary now in the immediate term is a two-fold approach. The first is an increase in Garda numbers in Cork stations, something I hope to see by the end of the month.”

“The second response is the implementation of ‘Operation Thor’ for the Cork region. The timing and targeting of some of the burglaries point to organised gangs from outside the region and ‘Operation Thor’ has proved effective elsewhere in stopping these gangs.”

Garda headquarters has promised a quick consideration of the proposals and the Tánaiste also sought further meetings on medium-term plans for Garda cover in Cork.

Finally Simon Coveney said, “I also thanked Assistant Commissioner McMahon for the excellent work of Gardai on the ground during the recent red alert storms.”

Following up on Facebook yesterday, Coveney said: “Just a quick update regarding Garda resources in Cork, I’m confident following my meeting last week with Assistant commissioner Anne Marie McMahon that we are going to see a two part response from Gardai on the burglary situation in parts of Cork.

Firstly I have requested an immediate increase in permanent Garda numbers for Cork and I’m confident we’ll see news on that by the end of the month, including Togher and Anglesea St Garda stations.

Secondly the Assistant Commissioner, who is in charge of the entire Southern region, whom I spoke about the success of ‘Operation Thor’ elsewhere in the country. Given the growing evidence that gangs are coming into Cork to steal and then using the motorway network to get away I feel the extension of ‘Operation Thor’ is an appropriate response.

I have asked senior Garda management to consider this and I hope to be able to say more shortly”


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