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Carrigaline MD Councillors Get Spending Fund

For the first time, the six Cork county councillors in Carrigaline Municipal District (MD) will have the discretion to spend €600 to help local projects in 2020.

MD officer Noelle Desmond made the announcement at their monthly meeting and said the aim of the Discretionary Fund was to support community groups, individuals and local organisations in their area who wish to undertake a specific project, endeavour or initiative that didn’t fall within the scope of the Community Fund.

The total fund for Carrigaline MD, coming out of its General Municipal Allocation, she stated, was €3,600 and the maximum the council would grant under the fund was €300, which meant each councillor could assist at least two projects.

She said an example could be assisting a sportsperson to travel abroad to take part in a competition. Projects already getting grants from other schemes, commercial bodies and applications to meet running costs were not eligible. Invoices and receipts would be required in order to claim payment. A sample application form was circulated to councillors and each request would be decided at MD meetings, Ms Desmond added.

Senior executive officer Nicola Radley said the Members’ Discretionary Fund already operated in Macroom MD and worked well.

Cllr Audrey Buckley (FF) said €600 per member seemed quite small but along with fellow councillors welcomed it.

Town Development

Members were told the budget this year for the Town Development Fund (TDF) was €120,000 (2019 figures in brackets).

· St Patrick’s Day Festival: Carrigaline €5,500 (€5,000); Crosshaven €3,500 (€3,500); Passage West €500 (0). Total €9,500.

· Christmas and other festival lighting: Carrigaline €5,000 (€3,500); Passage West €3,500 (€3,000). Total €8,500.

· Streetscape Painting and Signage Scheme, €20,000.

Noting there was around €80,000 remaining in the TDF, Cllr Liam O’Connor (FG) asked if his proposal for a pontoon for kayak and leisure craft on the Owenabue estuary, that was supported at the previous MD meeting, could be considered. Ms Desmond replied that a feasibility study on this was required first.

Further proposals for spending the TDF could be developed during the year within the budget, said the MD officer who acknowledged the need to better promote the streetscape painting scheme.

Cllr O’Connor asked that property owners on streets just off the main thoroughfare of towns also be eligible for this scheme because he was aware some, which were visible from the main street, didn’t in 2019. Cathaoirleach Seamus McGrath (FF) agreed. Ms Desmond acknowledged there was need for a better take up of the scheme and noted the request.

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