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Carrigaline’s Split in Rent Pressure Zones “Quite Incredible”

Writes Ciaran Dineen

It was announced on Tuesday this week that the Carrigaline LEA has not been included in the latest additions of towns to the Rent Pressure Zone (RPZ) list. RPZ’s were first introduced in December 2016 in an attempt to relieve some of the pressure over rising rents that many people across the country have been facing.

Areas in a RPZ can only see their rents rise by a maximum of 4% per annum and it was revealed on July 2nd that the list had been revised. An additional 19 new locations have been added to the RPZ list, following reforms to the Residential Tenancies Act.

Aerial View of Carrigaline. (Picture: Adrian O’Herlihy)

The Carrigaline LEA has surprisingly not been added to the list, unlike both Fermoy and Midleton LEAs, in a decision that Councillor Seámus McGrath (FF) has described as “quite incredible”.

Cllr McGrath is particularly incensed by the decision as the Ballincollig-Carrigaline Municipal District is still being recognised as a Rent Pressure Zone, meaning that half of Carrigaline is on the list, while the other isn’t. This is because prior to the recent elections, people in South Carrigaline (also Crosshaven and Ballygarvan) were part of the Bandon-Kinsale ward.

Cllr McGrath is now calling on the relevant authorities to recognise the new formation of the Carrigaline LEA, and place the entire area into a Rent Pressure Zone.

Speaking to The Carrigdhoun Newspaper the recently re-elected Councillor said, “I find it quite incredible that the Carrigaline LEA has not been included in this new list of areas which are to be designated as Rent Pressure Zones. To me it beggars belief that the newly formed Carrigaline LEA has not been recognised, while the old Ballincollig-Carrigaline MD still is. I hope that this is just an oversight as Carrigaline is the only anomaly since the boundary changes took place, as Fermoy and Midleton LEAs have both been recognised and added. I will be making my feelings well known as this is simply not acceptable.”

Also speaking on the updated list was Sinn Féin TD, Donnchadh O’Laoghaire. The South-Central TD said, “it is incredible that yet again the Government have overlooked the huge anomaly that exists in the southern part of Carrigaline, Crosshaven, and Ballygarvan, and other nearby areas. These areas are not covered by any kind of rental controls, despite the fact that the other half of the Carrigaline LEA is included. 

I am calling on the Government to ensure that all of the new Carrigaline LEA, from Passage West down to Minane Bridge, is added to the list of newly announced Rent Pressure Zones. Rents are extortionate in the area, people are being crucified, and I think they need at least a little bit of relief.”

In response, leader of Seanad Eireann and Fine Gael Senator Jerry Buttimer has called for a review of the current Carrigaline Rent Pressure Zone. “Given Carrigaline’ s closeness to city, the increasing high cost of rent and the demand for houses in the area, the whole town of Carrigaline must be included in a city wide rent pressure zone. There is a need to reflect and have Carrigaline included” Senator Buttimer said.

“Even though rent pressure zones are determined by legal criteria which is legislative based, outside of Ministerial influence, changes which were agreed to in the legislation last month”

“Carrigaline is being included in a municipal district that no longer exists and is currently one of the largest commuter towns in Ireland and it makes sense that the decision should be reviewed with a view to all of the new Carrigaline municipal district to be included as one rent pressure zone.”

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