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Carrigaline Swan Update: Cygnets May Be Returned To Area

There has been a huge amount of interest in the welfare of the female swan and eggs since the dog attack on the pair of swans nesting in Carrigaline last week, which saw the male swan killed. According to the CSPCA Facebook page, the eggs are doing well in incubation and it is believed the cygnets will be returned to the area where the nest is once they hatch and all goes well. Part of the update from the CSPCA says, “We spoke to the Matron in the maternity ward last night and so far so good the eggs are doing fine. The female is still in the area and comes back and forth to her empty nest but with time things will gradually improve for her.”

In the comments section below the CSPCA went on to say, “All going well the cygnets will be returned to the same area”.

See the link for the full facebook post:

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