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Carrigaline: The Crime Stats

Carrigaline: The Crime Stats

Writes Jack White

With a huge amount of talk recently, especially on social media, about the level of burglaries in Carrigaline, The Carrigdhoun has met with An Garda Síochána to find out just how bad the problem is and what the community can do. We also examine the contribution of our local TD’s in recent weeks.

According to the Gardaí, it is what they label as the ‘Type 3’ criminal that has been targeting Carrigaline recently. “The type 3 criminal is professional”, says Tony Davis Crime Prevention Officer, “they typically travel down the motorway from Dublin and hit places like Carrigaline where they know a significant number of people are out at work from morning to evening. Houses are empty”.

Despite what seems to be an epidemic recently, according to Gardaí there has been no reported burglary since February 18th, following 7 in January and 6 in February. “Overall people may be surprised that the figures are that low, says Tony, but they are the figures and historically we do find that of all the crimes, people do in fact report burglaries so we’d be confident those figures are accurate.” All of those 13 burglaries have been in the day time, with items stolen in 4 of those homes.

In all of 2017, there was 19 reported burglaries in Carrigaline (4 commercial), so the 13 in the first two months of the year will seem high, however an increased Garda presence in Carrigaline in recent weeks following political pressure from Michael McGrath TD and An Tánaiste Minister Simon Coveney TD seems to have been effective, the Gardaí say.

The Gardaí do caution that the figures they’re referencing here are specific to burglaries and do not, in all cases, include other forms of crime such as trespassing or criminal damage to property.

In terms of prevention, Tony Davis says, “We must make it difficult for burglars. Doing the basics like locking up before you go out, having your alarm working properly and not having valuables in an easy to access place will all help”.

“Burglars like high hedges, high walls etc.”, says Tony, “where there’s no clear view of the road or the street, they can break in and leave with little chance of being noticed”………


Carrigaline Garda Station: Pic: Adrian O’Herlihy

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