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Carrigaline Wellness Centre - Ready To Welcome You Back

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

After a year of closures, the Carrigaline Wellness Centre is open once again! Our wonderful team of therapists are happy to be back.

Tony and Ruth opened the Wellness Centre in 2019 with great success. They are delighted to be part of a great team of therapists supporting the mental, emotional and physical wellbeing needs of the local community.

Our therapists and therapies are listed below. Please call the centre with any queries. We will always refer you to the best person for your needs. We are adhering to all HSE guidelines regarding Covid, so it is appointment only for the moment and so our bright turquoise door will remain closed until opened by your therapist.

Pic: Siobhán Russell

Reflexology: Ruth practices Reflexology and Reiki, bringing relief from stress, anxiety, menopausal symptoms, physical discomfort. She also teaches yoga to women of all ages and runs a post natal recovery programme for women using all 3 modalities.

Kinesiology: Tony has a busy practice as a full-time Kinesiologist and specialises in anxiety, emotional and behavioural problems in children and adults.

Homeopathy: Dr Nazia Anwar has worked in hospitals both in her native India and in Oman for many years, often alleviating the need for medical or surgical intervention. She specialises in autoimmune disorders and womens ‘ issues as well as children's conditions.

Vera Hameau Lic.ISH, ISHom has over 20 years of experience as a licensed and registered homeopath treating acute and chronic conditions of all types. She specialises in childhood conditions.

Counselling and Psychotherapy: Toufiq Messabih is registered with the Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (IACP ) and deals with trauma, anxiety, mental health recovery, boundaries management and resilience.

Clinical Psychology: Dr Sheila Boland has worked for the HSE for over 10 years in the area of adult mental health. She provides support in many areas including trauma, grief and loss.

Cranio Sacral Therapy: Sara Devoy specialises in cranio sacral therapy for babies and new mothers. She has over 30 years of experience in holistic therapies.

Food Intolerance Testing: Ruth McDonald of Live Well Bloom specialises in food intolerance testing and nutrition in children and adults.

Nutrition/ Food Intolerance Testing: Shirley O’Sullivan is a nutritional therapist and carries out Food Intolerance Testing in association with Live Well Bloom.

MassageTherapist: Santhe Tanner is a massage therapist here on a Saturday and specialises in Lomi Lomi massage and Indian Head Massage.

Occupational Health Therapist: Vicky Libunao-Geaney is a Consultant Occupational Therapist with over 25 years of clinical experience across lifespan. She currently works as a Senior Occupational Therapist in Adult Mental Health for HSE South in the last 20 years with a special interest in Rehabilitation, Eating Disorders and Sensory Integration.

Play Therapy: Heidi Dressel provides play therapy for children with a wide range of emotional and behavioural difficulties such as bereavement, anxiety, anger, separation/divorce, bullying/bullied, self-esteem issues, trauma and learning difficulties.

Deep Tissue Massage: Sarah Muccioli has over 10 years of experience both here and in the States as a massage therapist specialising in Swedish, deep tissue and prenatal massage.

Wishing everyone an enjoyable summer, we all deserve it!

For more information on the list of services available please see or ring Ruth 086-8948855 or Tony 087-7876361

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