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Cogan Cousins’ Charity Chop

With hairdressers reopened Carrigaline Cogan cousins Áine May, Orla and Niamh along with their auntie Siobhán are looking forward to letting go of their long locks and donating them to the Little Princess Trust while hoping to raise funds in aid of Aoife’s Clown Doctors.

The idea of donating their hair to be made into real wigs for children and young people first started three years ago when their cousin Callum McCarthy, was diagnosed with Leukaemia at the age of four. Thankfully Callum is now nearing the end of his treatment and he and his family are very grateful for charities that have helped them through their cancer journey.

Callum especially benefited from Aoife’s Clown Doctors during his treatment in Crumlin Children’s Hospital. His parents said that his face would light up and they would see his wonderful smile again every time they came to visit his room. They would be grateful for any donation big or small that will help Aoife’s Clown Doctors to continue their tremendous work cheering up sick children in hospital.

To donate go to or search “Cogan Cousins’ Charity Chop” on GoFundMe to donate

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