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Coleman in Pole Position

(JJ Hurley)

Cllr Alan Coleman claimed pole position as he topped the returns for the Bandon/Kinsale Municipal Election following Friday's ballot.

It was an impressive return for the veteran independent councillor, who held off a challenge from newcomer John Collins.

Securing 2,511, Coleman exceeded the quota of 2,379 and was elected with Collins on the first count at 3 am Sunday at the Clonakilty County Centre.

Cllr Alan Coleman takes top spot in Bandon/Kinsale Election

While counting continues, it is expected to be completed with the election of Ann Bambury (SD), Gillian Coughlan (FF), Marie O'Sullivan (FG) and John Michael Foley (FG).

Current Cllr Sean O'Donovan (FF) looks like the one to lose out.

Closer to home in the count centre at County Hall, Seamus McGrath's vote of 5,191 is the largest of individual candidates in the country, and he easily exceeded the requirement to resume his duty in county hall.

Ben Dalton has also returned to council duties with an impressive first preference vote of 2,315, as he also passed the required quota and was returned on the first count.

Following on the election of the two candidates for the Carrigaline Municipal Area, Jack White (FG) was also elected late at night.

In response to his election, Cllr White said, 'I'm delighted to have been elected in third place, and my team are very happy with our first preference vote in our first election. 

Of particular interest was our big win in each of the Tracton boxes - a ringing endorsement of the hard work I put into Tracton since 2021 and a reflection of the strong support of the Lombard family in my campaign. 

I am so grateful to everyone who trusted me and voted for me, and I'm so thankful to everyone who helped me in the campaign. We had a very hard-working campaign, and I think it showed.

The hard work starts again immediately, and I'm looking forward to trying to deliver for the whole district. 

Our team is looking forward to the challenges and opportunities ahead.'

Jack White (FG) reacting to his election to Cork County Council

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