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Community Spirit in Monkstown

Writes Gillian Barry

Monkstown village is bringing community spirit to the fore with a newly established Tidy Towns Group. This group is building on the foundations established by Monkstown Amenity Association, originally founded in 1989.

Over the years it has worked to improve the amenities in the area. The biggest project was the refurbishment of Monkstown playground. They fundraised for three years to access a grant from SECAD to do the work. The committee has now disbanded and has transferred the remaining funds to Monkstown Tidy Towns who are doing a wonderful job in our community.

For their part, Monkstown Tidy Towns is a group of approximately 60 civic-minded people, who intend to keep Monkstown looking its best for locals and visitors alike. Monkstown itself has a long history, featuring Abbeys, Castles and Naval Garrisons, while today, the area is populated by many new families as well as longer-standing residents who share the task of improving, beautifying and importantly, making the village safer for the benefit of all.

The finalisation of the Cork Harbour Main Drainage Project has left the group with opportunities for clean-ups and restoration projects. We are always looking for members - all welcome. Anyone interested in helping can follow "Monkstown Tidy Towns" on Facebook or text 0861451790 to join our WhatsApp group for regular updates.

Monkstown Tidy Towns are grateful for the support they have received from the County Council Community Environment Fund, the Local Amenity Grant and private and commercial sponsorships.

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