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Condition Of Owenabue Car Park Carrigaline Poor Says Councillor

Writes Leo McMahon

Waiting what could be years for the Public Realm Scheme to hit the ground wasn’t an option, said Cllr Seamus McGrath (FF) at the monthly meeting of the County Council’s Carrigaline Municipal District (MD) when calling for resurfacing of the front area of Owenabue car park in Carrigaline.

“It’s in poor condition with a lot of wear and tear and while there were temporary repairs last week, it needs a proper resurfacing job. Perhaps the worst sections could be done”, he added. Cllr Jack White (FG) seconded.

In need of repair, the entrance to Owenabue Car Park, Carrigaline.

In a report, acting senior executive engineer Alan Cogan said funding for car parks was provided by the MD. ‘The Carrigaline Public Realm proposal currently being developed included works in Owenabue car park. Once these plans have been finalised and approved, any remaining areas outside the public realm can be investigated for repairs”. However, he said he would look at doing some more substantial patching and suggested he meet Cllr McGrath at the car park.

In a report, MD officer Carol Conway said the council intended advertising the Part 8 planning application for Carrigaline Public Realm Scheme. Some funding had been allocated by Transport Infrastructure Ireland to cover the cost of redesign for the M28 Active Travel Project/Ringaskiddy Public Realm Enhancement Scheme.

Pedestrian Crossing

Cllr McGrath also had a motion seeking an update on his previous request for a pedestrian crossing at Upper Kilmoney Road near the two new bus stops between Upper Clevedon and Forest Park. The engineer reported that the area office was endeavouring to undertake a feasibility study at the location to determine its suitability. ‘Should the study confirm a requirement for a signalised crossing, then funding will be sought to upgrade it’, he added.

Welcoming the response, Cllr McGrath said it was a very busy location with lots of schoolchildren getting on and off buses.

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