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Crosshaven Needs A Traffic Plan

Crosshaven Needs A Traffic Plan

Writes Leo McMahon

(Photo Siobhán Russell)

Crosshaven needs a traffic study, declared Cllr Aidan Lombard (FG) at the monthly meeting of Cork County Council’s Bandon-Kinsale Municipal District (MD).

He had a motion on the agenda asking in particular for a survey of Camden Road to see what measures can be taken to reduce speeding and make it safer for pedestrians.

The road forms part of a popular route for people on a loop walk from Crosshaven along the coastal Point Road, up the hill to Fort Camden and back into the village (or vice versa) but there are no footpaths on the road which also leads to Camden Fort Meagher and has limited visibility in places.

‘This is a problem throughout Crosshaven and I also propose we write to the Road Design Office to do a full infrastructural plan for the locality,’ said Cllr Lombard.

‘We have a lot of zoned land but we don’t have an overall plan for Crosshaven – similar to that in Kinsale – and we need one to deal with the extra housing, traffic and people.’

The village currently had lots of deficits at a time when they were putting out Camden Fort Meagher as a fine tourist experience, which it was. However, it wasn’t safe for people to walk up and down the hill between it and Crosshaven. He asked officials to see if any short-term measures could be carried out on Camden Road ahead of a plan being put in place.

Executive engineer Mark Daly said he too would welcome what was suggested while senior executive engineer Charlie McCarthy said the MD could contact the traffic and transportation section of the council. to see what was the best way to progress what Cllr Lombard requested. This was agreed.

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