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Crosshaven Needs Transport System Overhaul

Writes Ciaran Dineen

“Now is the time to come up with a bigger transport plan for Crosshaven”, argued Councillor Aidan Lombard (FG) at the recent Municipal District meeting of the Carrigaline LEA. The statement from Councillor Lombard was made following his support for a motion from Councillor Audrey Buckley (FF). 

Cllr Buckley had originally raised a request for a one-way system to be developed in the village, citing an example of one direction heading down onto pier road, with the other coming on the lower road, past The Oar. She also suggested that as an interim measure, flashing speed signs should be erected by the Yacht Club in an attempt to reduce speeding. 

Councillor Lombard said he fully supported the motion raised by the Crosshaven-based Councillor, who was elected to the Council for the first time in May. Before the boundary change following the elections, Cllr Lombard was the only representative in the newly formed Carrigaline LEA that had covered the Crosshaven area in the old Bandon-Kinsale ward.

Speaking in the chamber last week, the Councillor said that in his experience every time Crosshaven is brought up in motions in relation to similar issues, the response given is that they should be looked as “as part of a bigger plan”. He went on to clearly emphasise his feelings that it is now time to stop putting the serious issues with transport in Crosshaven on the back burner. “We need to stop this answer of ‘everything can’t happen because of something else’ and that we need to do a big transportation plan or study in Crosshaven.” 

Councillor Aidan Lombard (FG)

Also lending their support were Councillors Marcia D’Alton (Ind) and Seámus McGrath (FF). Both suggested that they believed that a one-way system would go a long way to helping to reduce traffic problems in the village. “I certainly think it should be looked at”, commented Cllr McGrath, going on to say, “I suppose if it could be done in advance of the transportation study if that is to happen because that itself would take time.” 

In response Madeline Healy of Cork County Council said that she had no objection to looking into the proposal. However she said that some time ago the idea of introducing a one-way system had been discussed and to the best of her knowledge it wasn’t progressed any further due to certain issues that arose.

Despite this Ms. Healy went on to say that she had had preliminary discussions with the design office to see if there is a possible system that could be put in place, however she responded to Cllr Buckley’s request for speed signs by saying that she did not believe they would work as it is local people who tend to speed in the area and they would not be deterred.

Meeting Cllr Buckley half way, Madeline Healy did say that perhaps they could wait until September and do a speed survey and await the results from that. She said that there was a lot of merit in Cllr Lombard’s request for a full transportation study to be implemented as there is a lot of development coming down the line for Crosshaven in the future. 

Councillor Buckley also reiterated her concerns about the issue of parking on the Camden Road, (behind Cronin’s Pub), and the speeding that occurs further up that road towards Camden Fort, saying that it was extremely dangerous for the many people that walk the road.

Having the final contribution on the topic was Cllr McGrath who suggested to his fellow members that perhaps the Carrigaline LEA, as one Municipal District, should propose a motion to the meeting of the full council when they re-convene. However it was advised by outgoing Executive Officer, Kevin O’Regan, that the matter instead be first brought to the attention of Michael Lynch, who is the Director of the Service and Planning Department, this was agreed. 

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