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Dotey Pets Launches On Maryborough Hill

Can Doggy Reiki help your pet overcome the anxiety of lockdown?

We are not the only ones struggling during lockdown. Many pets are also feeling the strain, with excessive barking, whining and howling the result. Often dogs resort to chewing on forbidden items, scratching at surfaces and generally displaying destructive behaviour. Just like their parents, the monotony of the repetitive home environment and lack of socialisation can be the cause.

Reiki for Dogs can help relieve this anxiety.

Reiki is just one of the services being offered at Dotey Pets Executive Doggy Day Care. Known for its power to soothe, heal, relax and energize, Reiki can also relieve tension or alleviate fears - giving your dog a sense of peace. Whether it’s a behavioural disorder, injury, or arthritis, Reiki aids your dog’s natural healing process.

Dotey Pets is an incredible new business which has just opened its doors to a host of dogs and puppies of all sizes. This is a bright and spacious environment, custom built with pet’s comfort, safety and happiness in mind. Located on Maryborough Hill, just off the Link Road, this facility is ideally situated and accessible for those who live in the locality, or commute past the doors to and from Ringaskiddy, Carrigaline, Douglas, Grange, Rochestown and the city.

Dotey Pets is more than a Doggy Day Care facility. Here, your pet will be able to experience on-site health and wellness treatments as well as grooming. Our policy is crate-free, meaning your pet can roam free all day, but in their secure zones, segregated by size into small dogs, medium or large.

“All Dogs need the correct balance of playtime, socialisation and rest as part of their overall wellbeing.” says Audrey McSweeney, owner of Dotey Pets. “So if your pet is stuck at home then your dog is missing out.”

Whether you are working from home, or away from home, or if your normal routine is upset, and you feel your pet would benefit from the socialisation that comes with Doggy Day Care, then Dotey Pets is a safe space for your dog to stay, play, and learn. We are open for business and happy to welcome your pet to Dotey Pets.

Open 7:30 to 18.00, Monday to Friday.

Call Audrey at 087 2353608 to make a booking, or to book any of our grooming or health and wellness services. See for full details and pricing.

Located in Moneygourney Yard, Maryborough Hill, Douglas, Cork. T12E6PH

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