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Enhanced Foreshore Public Amenity Development In Crosshaven

Enhanced Foreshore Public Amenity Development In Crosshaven

Following the publication of the draft proposal in 2016, Crosshaven Community Association is delighted to advise that the plan to develop the foreshore at Crosshaven village is to be lodged for full standard planning permission in the coming weeks. Crosshaven Community Association is behind the plan to reclaim and redevelop a strip of the foreshore from Hugh Coveney pier in front of the village square and across to Crosshaven boatyard.  The plans would see the construction of a walk/cycleway along the sea front. The longterm goal would be to link this into the existing Crosshaven/Carrigaline walkway and to improve connectivity from the village to Fort Camden. The plan includes seating, viewing platforms, increased amenity facilities for local youths and teenagers, including an all-purpose pitch, and additional parking spacing. The Association believes the plan would improve the recreational vitality of Crosshaven village but also addresses serious parking and safety infrastructure issues in the village at present.  A group under the auspices of Crosshaven Community Association, including Sean Hanley, Barry Jenkins, Barbara Hanan, Brian Twomey, Noel Condon and Bernard Lynch, have been working on the plan for past 4 years. They have liaised with the Cork County Council, local businesses and residents, councillors and Minister Simon Coveney TD. 

Rational For Objectives There is a significant deficiency in safety provisions for pedestrians and other road users during busy peak periods of road traffic use in the village. Recreational facilities for younger people and adolescents are deficient in Crosshaven, (notwithstanding the new playground for younger children). This plan will provide for a more comprehensive solution to the amenity issues facing Crosshaven and its community. The enhancement and expansion of existing water front amenities which will allow for the increased attractiveness and viability of the village in conjunction with the efforts by the local authority to promote Fort Camden as a destination. The improvement and encouragement of increased pedestrian and cyclist activity and an enhancement of connectivity within the village of Crosshaven and beyond will lead to greater vitality in the village. Visual impact and village focus: The plan does not introduce any built structures within its setting and therefore based upon analysis of views of the vicinity that no negative visual impact will occur. In fact, the proposal will enhance the visual setting for Crosshaven village and bring people closer to the water. It is also noted that other than in-filling the reclaimed strip, the “slob” will remain intact. The group believes that the opportunity exists for the objectives of the local stakeholders as expressed by Crosshaven Community Association to be progressed, under the aegis of Cork County Council, with the cooperation of the Dept. of Agriculture, Food and the Marine.  The objectives of this plan are consistent both with national and local policy for harbour and village settlement related amenities and therefore Crosshaven Community would strongly encourage the local authority to act on the contents of this plan, with the support of the local community, which is in convergence with the authorities own stated policies.

See The Carrigdhoun this week for a photo of the plans.

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