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Feed Cork Feeds Families in Carrigaline

Writes Charles Hancock Chairman Cork Street Pastors

The Cork based Foodbank, Feedcork provides a box of nutritionally balanced food for individuals and families in need in Cork, Bandon and Carrigaline. A 3-day supply of fresh, frozen, dried and tinned food is available to anyone in need in the Carrigaline area.

The charity Feedcork, supported by Cork Street Pastors carry out deliveries to Carrigaline every Wednesday afternoon. The food is donated by Supermarkets, Wholesalers, Caterers and donations from the public. Food is also purchased from Musgraves Cash N Carry.

Cork Street Pastors, itself a registered charity supports the work of the foodbank to meet the ever-growing demand from families and individuals in crisis in Cork. Feedcork is operated solely by local volunteers who assist in collecting, sorting and packing the food into boxes for delivery. All this takes place on the ground floor of Cork Church in Lower Oliver Plunkett Street, Cork.

During the Pandemic many families and individuals have had their incomes slashed and have struggled to put food on the table. This prolonged period of uncertainty and reduced income has caused untold misery and stress to individuals and families. Rent and bills still have to be paid, the cold winter months demand more heating and food has to be supplied.

But there is good news! Throughout this period the good people of Cork have continued to make donations of food and cash to support the Foodbank. The 3-day supply of food has helped many families to ensure that no one goes hungry.

Is there a catch? No!

Do I have to pay for the food? No!

Do I have to attend a church to qualify for this? No!

Is the food O.K.? Yes! A box of nutritionally balanced food (not just tins of beans!!)

Is food delivered on a regular basis? Yes! Every Wednesday afternoon in Carrigaline.

How can I apply for this service?

Applications can be made by telephoning Feedcork – Tel: 0892269408

You may not need this service but you may know someone who does, why not share this information with them toda…..

After all….It is GOOD NEWS !

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