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Freestyle for Lifestyle- Douglas

ohn Dillon, Owner.
John Dillon, Owner.

Freestyle for Lifestyle- Douglas

Health is Wealth and I don’t think many would disagree with that. The challenge is that we all need support from time to time to keep us focused and on-track towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Douglas based gym Freestyle for Lifestyle have been dedicated to just this, promoting and supporting health and fitness to its clients for over a decade now.

Freestyle for Lifestyle offers a number of services; from rehabilitation, weight loss, sport performance, to strength and conditioning. These are achieved using a unique and highly successful system of Functional Fitness TST™ which improves strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness.

Freestyle for Lifestyle works with and supports a broad range of clients, of all age groups and fitness levels. Every client is given an initial assessment to assess their current capabilities and following on from this an individual programme is designed to help them reach personal goals. Whilst also currently working with a number of Corporates supporting and educating them on the importance of health and well-being for their employees. Freestyle is delighted to be part of a number of these corporate initiatives toward implementing healthy workplaces.

Freestyle’s experience has made them acutely aware of individuals who are at most at risk of injury and they have developed a number of bespoke classes to cater for these people. Two such groups are pregnant women and the elderly. With this in mind last year they introduced Pre & Post Pregnancy classes and Active 55 classes. To date the response has been phenomenal, with clients blown away by the positive impact the classes are having on their fitness, strength and overall well-being. In jest Freestyle are taking credit for a few new babies whose mothers took part in the first series of pregnancy classes. Looking forward to welcoming them to the post pregnancy class now.

Freestyle for Lifestyle understands that’s fitness is just of one of two key components towards overall good health and well-being. Nutrition is the other and is equally as important to support a healthy you. With qualified nutritionist as part of the experienced Freestyle team we offer our clients Body Scans, Food Planning and Food Advice that will be individually designed and incorporated into their fitness programme.

Remember Fitness is a Journey not a Destination!

A full list of classes is available on, Facebook @freestyleforlifestyle, or Olivia on 087-132 6289

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