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From Local To Global - Kinsale Gin Departs Port Of Cork For China

The team from Kinsale Spirit Company were in the Port of Cork Container Terminal today to watch as a shipment of Kinsale Gin and Red Earl Irish Whiskey was loaded for export to China.

With sales already gaining pace in the USA, this is the first full container being exported to China for this successful Cork SME. In 2020, Kinsale Gin, a premium gin distilled in Cork, won three international awards – Gin of the Year, Gin Producer of the Year, and a Double Gold, while Red Earl Irish Whiskey scooped numerous awards also. Having efficient and reliable global trade connections is vitally important when aiming to get any product to market.

The Port of Cork has that global connectivity which ensures importers and exporters have options when it comes to shipping containers around the world. Conor Mowlds, Chief Commercial Officer at the Port of Cork said: ‘Kinsale Spirit Company is a great local success story for Cork, and we were honoured to see their first container of gin and whiskey exported from Cork to China.

No matter how big or small a company, using the right Port with most efficient connections is so important when it comes to getting your product from local to global.’ Colin Ross from Kinsale Spirit Company said:

‘As three proud local businesspeople, Tom, Ernest and I are delighted that such effective infrastructure exists on our doorstep. Port of Cork have been excellent to deal with and we look forward to shipping many more containers worldwide from there in the future.’

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