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Growing Concern For Security In Carrigaline

Growing Concern For Security In Carrigaline

Writes Jack White

Concern for security, particularly in relation to home safety and the threat of burglaries is growing in Carrigaline, following another spate of break-ins being reported on the popular Carrigaline Notice Board (Facebook).

A post to the Carrigaline Notice board on Thursday of last week, which sparked huge discussion read, “Another house broken into and ransacked in Seaview last night’. The post went on to say, ‘there needs to be more of a Garda presence in Carrigaline. This is getting scary”.

The post sparked several comments from other Notice Board members who reported other break-in incidents and expressions of sympathy with those who had fallen victim to the spate of crime.

One return comment said, “Speaking to one of my neighbours earlier, this was the second time the house was broken into. It was broken into only a few weeks back”

Cllr Seamus McGrath, who had been tagged in the post to make him aware of the happenings replied, “This is dreadful for the family to have their house burgled twice. There has been a nasty spate of burglaries in Carrigaline in the past couple of months. I have spoken to the Gardai about this. It is a very frustrating crime for the Gardai as burglaries are notoriously difficult to solve. They target empty houses and are careful not to leave a trace. In general, they have been happening late evening, early in the night and the Guards believe they generally have checked things out during the day. It goes without saying to be vigilant and keep an eye out for any suspicious activity and please report to the Guards. We absolutely need more Guards in Carrigaline, but something they believe would be very useful in these cases is a better CCTV presence. I am meeting with Carrigaline Gardai next week to discuss how we can get better CCTV. Michael McGrath T.D. is working with me on this. It will be challenging to achieve this and it will take time, but we will try to progress it as best we can.”

Another member posted a response they received from a representative of An Tanaiste Minister Simon Coveney TD on the issue, “On behalf of Simon Coveney TD, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, I wish to acknowledge receipt of your recent email. This office has brought the matter of additional Gardai in the Carrigaline area, to the attention of Minister for Justice, Charlie Flanagan TD. As soon as a response is received, I will be in contact with you again.

In the interim, a meeting of the Joint Policing Forum, will take place next week, which will be attended by Minister Coveney’s colleagues Cllr John Collins and Cllr Aidan Lombard, who will both bring forward the genuine concern and distress this has caused to a number of residents in the area. I trust this is to your satisfaction and I will be in touch again shortly.”

It is anticipated that local councillors may further address the issue of crime in Carrigaline at the next meeting of the Ballincollig-Carrigaline Municipal District on February 19th.

(Copyright Photograph – Adrian O’Herlihy Photographer)

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