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Ireland’s First Dedicated End-Of-Life Event Planning Service

Local lady Dara O’Shea, Carrigaline and her Co-Founder & Director, Louise O’Brien launch Funeral and Memorial Event Planning Service to Support Bereaved in Cork.

There are few things in life more precious than our final moments spent with a loved one. Indeed, it is only in those moments that we come to appreciate every second of time as a gift, and the ability to share a ‘goodbye’ as a privilege. RHEA Funeral and Memorial Events, Ireland’s first dedicated, end-of-life event planning company, was built on a deep understanding and appreciation of this belief.

“Our unique service was born out of personal experience of loss, and seeing first-hand the burden of work that falls on families during the most difficult days of a death. When loved ones should be able to focus on and support each other, most are exhausted by the weight of work and funeral responsibilities,” explains Dara O’Shea, co-founder and director of RHEA.

Through RHEA, Carrigaline local Dara and her fellow co-founder and director, Louise O’Brien, have launched a unique service that promises to alleviate the stress and remove the workload of tasks normally carried out by a family before a funeral or memorial, thereby enabling those grieving to honour the memory of their loved one, and spend this difficult and emotional time in the comfort of family and friends.

Founders of RHEA, Louise O’Brien and Dara O’Shea.

Dara and Louise will work on behalf of a client or family, in cooperation with their funeral directors, to sensitively manage the myriad of tasks, responsibilities and details required for every type of ceremony, from location, music, prayers, to printing, flowers, reception, hospitality and much more, allowing the bereaved to look after themselves and each other.

With more than 30 years’ combined experience in the planning and management of events of all scales and sizes, Dara and Louise bring a high level of professionalism, expertise and compassion to each element of RHEA’s service.

“We bring our considerable experience in event planning and a network of tried and trusted suppliers to bear on funeral experiences, fully understanding how important it is for people to honour a loved one with a dignified and beautiful “send-off”. We truly believe that through developing and delivering a special, personalised funeral occasion, meeting the wishes of the family and preferences of the deceased, we are helping our clients through this sad time, so they have special memories of saying goodbye and can better begin their process of grieving,” explains Louise.

RHEA also recognises the importance of remembering a loved one in the months and years following a loss, and particularly for those who lost someone during the pandemic, when gatherings were limited so strictly to immediate family members. RHEA provides a full suite of bespoke memorial event design and planning services to remember, honour and celebrate a special life, and to keep the memory of that person alive as time passes.

Through RHEA’s unique and innovative service, Dara and Louise are committed to ensuring that every client gets the chance to say their best goodbye to their cherished loved one.

For more information, please visit or follow RHEA Funeral and Memorial Events on Facebook and Instagram.

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