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Kinsale Man Swimming Every Day For Charity

Writes JJ Hurley

Kinsale's Mark Eaton has set himself an ambitious target of taking a dip in the sea over 365 days, raising funds for Pietà House and Kinsale Youth Support Services in the process.

Reflecting on his efforts, Mark said,' I never had the idea of hitting 365 consecutive days in the water until recently.

'I just kept getting in each day since November 2nd 2020’, he says. Now (at time of going to print) Mark is just a few days off and he will hit his target of 365 days on November 26th.

'One day led to one week, which I went for 50 days then 100 days and had been keeping it going ever since.'

‘The people I met, and the connections made over the past year of sea swimming, have been amazing.’

‘I have chosen these charities because of their positive impact in our community, particularly during the pandemic, providing essential supports.’

If you'd like to donate, go to

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