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Lombard Calls For Link Between Wild Atlantic Way & Ancient East

Lombard Calls For Link Between Wild Atlantic Way & Ancient East

Cork County Councillor Aidan Lombard has welcomed the inclusion in the Local Area Plan of his proposal to investigate a connection route, linking the Ancient East trail and the Wild Atlantic way along the South Cork coast. Cllr. Lombard said, “The Wild Atlantic Way and the Ancient East route are two alluring and fascinating attractions for visitors and locals alike and have been hugely beneficial for the tourism sector here in Cork and the rest of Ireland. In Cork, the Ancient East trail starts at Camden Fort Meagher in Crosshaven and then Kinsale is the start of the Wild Atlantic Way, both of which are coveted destinations and attractions for our district”. “Currently 15 miles of coastline divides these destination routes, and I believe it would be a missed opportunity to leave these unconnected”, said Cllr. Lombard. “There are many attractions along the South Cork coas, including shipwrecks, hidden beaches and bays, horse riding, coastal walks, and numerous award winning restaurants, all of which would contribute greatly to the tourist experience here”, he said. Cllr. Lombard continued, “So I was delighted when Cork County Council accepted my proposal to examine the prospect of joining the Ancient East trail and the Wild Atlantic Way. I believe this increased connectivity will promote increased tourist activity and subsequently make a positive contribution to the tourism sector in Cork and wider Ireland. The local area plan will be updated to include my proposal and the council will need to discuss the prospect of this important development, but I am hopeful that there will be a positive motion to see this progressed”. “I aim to consult all relevant stakeholders and communities in Crosshaven, Minane Bridge and Belgooly, as well as any others along the potential route, for their opinions and input as to the how to progress this project”, he said. “It is only the beginning of a long process but I am delighted with this recent announcement; I see it as a positive step forward for the tourist economy here in Cork and I will endeavour to ensure the improvement of Cork tourist connectivity”, Cllr Lombard concluded.

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