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Parking Charges are an issue in Kinsale 

Introduced by the former town council, Kinsale's parking fees will again feature as an issue in the upcoming election for the Bandon /Kinsale Municipal Area on June 7th.


For many local businesses and residents pointing to the towns of Bantry and Clonakilty, which have no charges for parking but a two-hour limit, calls are growing for Kinsale to be given parity.


'I don't agree and have never agreed to pay for parking in Kinsale,' remarked the Fianna Fáil candidate Margaret Murphy O'Mahony. 


The town's proximity to Wilton, Douglas and Mahon Point makes it easy for people to travel from Kinsale to shop there, where they won't be charged to park.'


'We should be incentivising people to shop in Kinsale.'


In a recent social media poll, the overwhelming consensus was for the abolition of the parking charges but the retention of the two-hour parking restrictions.


It's a view shared by Independent candidate John Collins, 'As someone who strongly objected to pay parking being brought into Bandon, If elected, I will lobby to abolish pay parking in all town centres,' he said.


In addition, criticism has also been levied at the technology used to manage parking in Kinsale, with one poster on social media suggesting, 'One of the biggest issues with parking is that no one has change or cash any more, and machines need to be upgraded.' 


Like many towns, finding parking spaces is challenging, and residents are calling for a novel solution: providing a park-and-ride. 

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