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Riverstick Resident Set To Head Up Athletics Ireland

Writes J.J Hurley

Hamish Adams, may be a name that is not widely known among the sporting public, but the Kiwi native has certainly made a splash in the world of Irish sport, most recently as the Chief Executive of Rowing Ireland. However, the Riverstick resident is now set to swap his water-based role and take the helm as CEO at Athletics Ireland.

With a background in Rugby, Hamish landed on Irish shores, after his Irish wife, Macaire, persuaded him to take up residence here. Initially, he landed a coaching role with Dolphin Rugby Club, before Munster Rugby came knocking and secured his services in establishing its youth academy. With an educational background in sport’s management and a Master’s in business, he was also very much involved in placing the professional era of Irish rugby on a firm footing, with the founding of the Irish Rugby Union Players Association.

Of course, his most recent success has come as the Chief Executive of Irish Rowing, in what can now be described as a golden age for the sport.

Reflecting on his time in the organisation, he acknowledges the herculean efforts of the athletes to reach the dizzy heights of their successes but he also points to the need for good governance, suggesting: “Success does not come in isolation and all the pieces of the jigsaw must be in place, if sporting organisations are to complete the puzzle of success.”

Now stepping into another sporting arena, Hamish is looking forward to the challenge that the Athletics Ireland job is set to bring. However, the challenge is one he relishes, particularly as the popularity of the sport and those participating continues to grow.

As for the success on the track and field, Hamish is a firm believer in getting the processes correct and the podium finishes will follow.


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