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Seamus McGrath Set To Become County Mayor

Seamus McGrath Set To Become County Mayor Writes Jack White Seamus McGrath is set to become Mayor of County Cork if a pact between Fianna Fáil and independent councillors remains. The current Mayor, Cllr John Paul O’Shea will finish his term on Friday, June 24th, at the AGM of Cork County Council. Seamus, being the Fianna Fáil candidate for mayor, will most likely have the support of a group of independent councillors emanating from an agreement made two years ago. This support may not give him an overall majority but will be large enough to block any other combination of parties. In 2014, Cllr McGrath was yet again elected to Cork County Council and in doing so, claimed the largest number of first preference votes in the country. Earlier in 2016 his brother and Fianna Fáil finance spokesperson, Michael McGrath TD, topped the poll in one of the nation’s most competitive constituencies, Cork South Central.

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