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Sinn Féin selects Eoghan Fahy to contest Local Elections in Carrigaline LEA

Sinn Féin has selected Eoghan Fahy to contest the forthcoming Local Elections in Carrigaline LEA.

Mr Fahy, who lives in Passage West, has been working hard as the Sinn Féin representative in the area for the past four years. A political activist since his teens, Eoghan Fahy is the Sinn Féin candidate in Carrigaline LEA for Local Elections 2024. He has been the Sinn Féin representative for the area for the last four years and has worked hard to help people with the issues that affect their daily lives.

Eoghan was born in Passage West where he lives today with his partner and their newborn son. He currently works for Cork City Council where he has developed an in-depth knowledge of how local government works.

Eoghan is passionate about representing communities and standing up for workers and families. As a young father and worker living in the area his whole life, he understands the challenges facing families today. Eoin tirelessly advocates for improving the living standards of young people and families. He is deeply involved in local sports clubs across GAA, Soccer and Golf

Eoghan wants to play a positive role in the community in which his son will grow up. He is standing up for real change and with your support he will be a strong voice for the Carrigaline LEA on Cork County Council.

Speaking following the party convention held at Father Collins Hall , Mr Fahy said;

“The Carrigaline LEA needs a Sinn Fein seat on the table. The people of Passage West, Carrigaline, Ringaskiddy and surrounding areas need a Councillor who is committed to representing workers, families, and communities right across the area.

“As a young father and worker living in the area my whole life, I understand the challenges facing families today."

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