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‘Thank You’ From Rita and Coco!

Rita Murray from Monkstown and her bichon frise Coco had a lucky escape on Thursday, 13thJune last, thanks to the quick thinking actions of a young man.

Rita and Coco set off for a stroll on the Carrigaline-Crosshaven walkway at approximately 4.30pm. Shortly after leaving the car park at the Carrigaline end of the walk, Coco, who was on a lead, was attacked by a Jack Russell terrier who was running loose.

In the confusion Rita was knocked to the ground and a terrified Coco ran away. Rita sustained some bruising but was otherwise unhurt. When she got to her feet She called Coco, who was nowhere to be seen. Eventually she spotted a young man in the distance, who had her dog.

It turned out that the terrified Coco was just about to run on to the busy Crosshaven road when this man threw himself bodily over the dog and managed to keep her safe until Rita arrived. In all the confusion Rita failed to get the man’s name. All that she knows is that he said he was an animal lover and was wearing a green hat. 

Rita dropped in to The Carrigdhoun office to share her story with us and asked us to pass on her gratitude to Coco’s rescuer, whose quick thinking saved the little dog from serious injury or even death. We are happy to do so.

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