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Trackers Catch Thief After 167km Cork Joyride

An unbelievable 167km joyride with a stolen van came to an end yesterday morning, thanks to unique tracking devices fitted by Cork start-up, Traxsit.

The van, which was stolen after 3am Tuesday morning from well-known West Cork business, Hayes Cabin and Caravan Services, Owenahincha (near Rosscarbery), was taken on an extensive joyride throughout Cork, hitting a top speed of 151kmh and travelling over 167km in total.

The 167km route taken by the joy-rider.

Though waking to the gut-wrenching feeling early this morning of discovering their valuable asset was gone, Eamon Hayes and David Hayes of Hayes Cabin and Caravan Services stayed calm as just weeks before they had signed a deal with Cork start-up Traxsit, to fit tracking devices to several of their fixed and mobile assets, including the van. Eamon was quickly able to log in to the Traxsit app on his phone, see exactly where the van was and alert Gardai.

Gardai then reacted swiftly to intercept the van and catch the thief in Macroom, recovering the van and arresting the thief.

Van owner Tossie Hayes was delighted with the effective result from his recent investment with Traxsit, making contact early this morning by text with Traxsit’s owners Conor Walsh and Luke O’Mahony (who has family connections to Crosshaven & Carrigaline), saying, “Hi lads, I just said I’d let you know, our van was stolen from our yard at 3am this morning. The Gardai have caught the thieves in Macroom now thanks to your trackers.”

Traxsit owners Luke O'Mahony and Conor Walsh.

Speaking on behalf of Traxsit, Co-Owner Conor Walsh said, “While we never want to see our clients having their assets stolen like this, it does highlight the effectiveness of our solution and the pace at which assets can be recovered and criminals prosecuted.”

He continued, “We were able to see from the tracker data, the exact route the thief took – travelling all over Cork, hitting incredible speeds at times. We can even see that they stopped 11 times in total – one of which was to buy diesel.”

“We’re delighted for our client Hayes Cabin and Caravan Services that their van has been recovered and that they had the ease of mind of utilising our technology”, he concluded.

A statement from Gardaí said, “Gardaí arrested and charged a man in relation to the theft of a van in Owenahincha, Rosscarbery. The van was located in Macroom and the driver, a man in his 30s, was arrested. He has since been charged and was due before Skibbereen District Court on Tuesday morning.

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