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Voices Loud At Oral Hearing

Voices Loud At Oral Hearing Writes Jack White The voice of opposition was heard loudly at The Carrigaline Court Hotel on Tuesday morning as large numbers gathered to protest against the proposed Ringaskiddy incinerator as the An Bord Pleanala Oral Hearing on the controversial Indaver Ireland proposal began. The oral hearing is the third in fifteen years since Indaver Ireland first began proposing plans for the facility in Ringaskiddy. Most recently, in 2011, Indaver was refused planning permission for a commercial incinerator after a prolonged planning process. Despite the efforts of Cork Harbour Alliance for a Safe Environment (CHASE), local councillors and others, An Bord Pleanala recently refused requests to extend the commencement date of the oral hearing, a move much criticised by those opposing the Indaver plans. In January, after many pre-planning consultations, Indaver submited new plans for a commercial-waste-to-energy facility to process 240,000 tonnes of municipal and hazardous waste, despite huge local opposition. Having commenced on Tuesday morning, the oral hearing is likely to last for three weeks, with a decision expected to come in July. It will hear submissions against the proposals from elected representatives, representative bodies of local colleges, residents associations, tourism bodies, the HSE, An Taisce, local agricultural groups, schools and over 1,000 individuals via group submissions. It will also hear Indaver’s reasons for proceeding with the project. Have your say with The Carrigdhoun via our ‘Letters To The Editor’ section via post or email, or comment on our social media platforms, Facebook or @Carrigdhounnews on twitter


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