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Ó Laoghaire Calls For Safety Audit To Shannonpark Layout

Sinn Féin TD for Cork South Central, Donnchadh Ó Laoghaire has expressed concern at the new layout at the Shannonpark Roundabout in Carrigaline, and says that a safety audit is required.

“I have been contacted by several constituents regarding the new layout at Shannonpark Roundabout in Carrigaline, particularly the approach from Cork to Carrigaline,” said the Cork TD.

The call comes in the wake of the recent revelation that the Part 8 of the roundabout plan was changed by An Bord Pleanála without consulting with local councillors, leading to much anger and frustration. Since then however, as construction equipment has been removed, the design of the new roundabout layout has to more of an extent become visible to road users. Concerns about the layout have been made by members of the public, as well as Mr Ó Laoghaire, with many sentiments suggesting that such a design could lead to collisions.

Latest design of revamped Shannonpark Roundabout

The Sinn Féin parliamentarian went on to say, “I drove it myself yesterday afternoon, and must admit to being quite confused by the layout myself. Approaching the roundabout in the middle lane, and 2 lanes merging in to one at the Carrigaline exit is very confusing, and potentially unsafe, and I know a lot of local motorists are very concerned by it. I know that many are frustrated by this, as while the slip road to Ringaskiddy clearly made sense, there is a feeling the change on the Carrigaline side is not currently working or of benefit.”

“I am writing to the Council and am asking them to do a safety audit on the layout and to ensure that markings are clear, and the lane system is well signposted and communicated. If it cannot be made safe through road markings and clarification on lanes, that the layout itself would be reviewed in my view.”

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