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2020 Fort 2 Fort Charity Cycle Brief

Fort 2 Fort Charity Cycle has gone virtual for 2020 – you can take part anywhere any time throughout October.

Choose from 40km, 65km, 85km or 120km distance and track your cycle on phone/fitbit/strava/ any distance tracking app.

Registration is €45.

All funds raised will go towards The Mercy Cancer Appeal

Cancer patients have been even more impacted by Covid-19 with many of them cocooning over the last few months. Treatment such as chemotherapy means their immune systems are supressed, so they are at a greater risk of contracting the virus.

Funds raised will support:

The Mercy Cancer CARE Centre – this will be situated near the Mercy University Hospital and will provide a safe-haven for cancer patients to process their diagnosis in a non-clinical environment. It will provide services from one-to-one counselling sessions, group support sessions, patient information and a psycho-oncology service to help patients with their emotional and mental health during their cancer journey.

One third of all cancer patients will experience depression or anxiety during their cancer journey so a psycho-oncology service can make a huge difference.

Services like this are even more important during Covid-19. While all of us have been impacted, for cancer patients who are cocooning, it has brought even greater levels of uncertainty, anxiety and isolation.

Psycho-oncology sessions are currently being run virtually for cocooning cancer patients. Funds raised through Fort2Fort will also help to fund this service and help provide equipment such as iPads to ensure this service can be delivered safely and virtually over the coming months.

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