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75,000 New Residents For Carrigaline

75,000 New Residents For Carrigaline

Thousands of new residents have moved in to the Shannonpark Rounadbout Carrigaline, and no, they’re not from Janeville.

Yes, 75,000 black Irish honeybees have taken up residence at Shannonpark roundabout as part of a Carrigaline Tidy Town’s project. Adrian Delea from Mandrake Organic farm supplied the bee hives and gave a fascinating talk about bee life a few weeks ago. After, those in attendance had a delicious feed of honey comb.

The project is sponsored by Adrian Keane Landscaping Services.

Each of the three hives is expected to hold an average of 25,000 bees in mid-summer.

Carrigaline Tidy towns hope to score extra points in next year’s Tidy Towns judging in the wildlife and biodiversity section. They say the initiative will also help to highlight what bees do for the environment.

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