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An Ambitious Plan Submitted In Kinsale

Architectural Technologist, Brian O'Regan, has submitted a drawing for an ambitious building in Kinsale as part of the draft development plan for the town.

To be located in the town centre's car park, the building would consist of a two-floor construction, with the ground floor made up of nine spaces for market traders or shops. Brian's vision of the first floor includes a large seating area, with the potential of adding a restaurant, maritime museum or multifunction space.

In submitting the proposal, Brian said,' The building can be moved towards the sea to make more room for two lanes of traffic behind the sheltered bus stop. It would help address some current traffic congestion as it would provide a relief road through Kinsale. However, several parking projects would have to be completed first, including completing the new multi-car park at the proposed new library in the town.'

Reflecting on his proposal, he said,' It's no harm in planning for Kinsale's future in 10 to 20 years time, and that's why development plans are so good they give everyone a voice.'

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