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Anti-social On The Spot Fines At Crosshaven

Anti-social On The Spot Fines At Crosshaven

And Casual Trading Bays for Fountainstown

Writes Leo McMahon

On-the-spot fines for anti-social behaviour in Crosshaven and casual trading bays are on the way for Fountainstown.

Both subjects were highlighted by Cllr Audrey Buckley (FF) at the monthly meeting of the county council’s Carrigaline Municipal District (MD). She said the council had given to local Gardai notification books for on the-spot-fines that could be issued for anti-social behaviour, said Cllr Buckley who thanked director of services Niall Healy and Supt John Deasy for their assistance in this.

Street drinking is prohibited in public places by the council. Enforcement is by Gardai who take personal details, issue the on-the-spot fine (€30) and notify the council in the notification form book issued by the local authority which in turn writes to individual and processes payment. Gardai do not accept payment. If following due process (up to two letters over 35 days), the fine isn’t paid the matter is referred back to the Gardai. Cllr Buckley believed such a measure could be a deterrent.

MD officer Carol Conway stated that resurfacing and lining at Fountainstown car park was completed. Disabled driver and age-friendly parking bays plus benches were being installed on the other side of the road and eight casual trading bays on the opposite side. The council was asking traders to move across to the car park so as to avoid causing an obstruction or nuisance to traffic and pedestrians.

Cllr Buckley asked that traders be spoken to and the MD officer replied that she was happy to do so and they also could contact her.

Path Obstructed

Cllr Buckley described as ridiculous, two poles on the upgraded footpath near The Oar pub, Lower Road, Crosshaven which prevented use by people with prams or wheelchairs. She suggested amalgamation into one ESB pole correctly positioned. She was supported on this by Cllr Michael Paul Murtagh (FG). The engineer said he would contact the ESB and report back.

A driver speed feedback sign as one enters Crosshaven village was twice ‘taken out’ by vehicles said Cllr Buckley who called for solar powered ones there, at Forge Hill and other locations in the MD.

In a report, senior executive engineer Alan Cogan, said an order had been placed for these and the damaged one would be replaced. Such signs had to be re-located because they lost their effectiveness. Cllr Buckley said if the one at Goat’s Cross was being removed, it could be relocated to near McWilliam Sails junction on Fountainstown road and asked that councillors get an input. She also suggested a table top on the road at Fountainstown.

Cllr Buckley had another motion asking that areas heavily congested during the summer such as the Point Road, Myrtleville and village be re-lined. Mr Cogan replied that a meeting was recently held with the lining contractor and deficient areas identified for re-marking.

Cllr Buckley said she had previously requested the MD get solar-powered smart bins and contacted a company that was willing to provide these free of charge so was ‘disgusted’ to see these had recently installed firstly in Cobh. The bins hold more rubbish than traditional street ones and have a sensor to let the council know when full. The bins were installed in Cobh under the 2022 Anti Dumping Initiative.

MD officer Carol Conway said this issue arose before she was appointed. It was a Cobh initiative under a licence. It was felt there could be a problem with the weight of the bins for staff that might require a mechanism and stressed it was on a trial basis in Cobh.

Cllr Buckley called for a sign to prohibit heavy vehicles in Middle Road, Crosshaven because residents were sick of having to move their cars and direct traffic. The engineer said he would look at it but pointed out that there were a number of sites working there and vehicles had to go somewhere.

Hogweed problem

‘Someone from the area ended up hospital from it last week,’ said Cllr Buckley when asking for hogweed on verges to be cut at Camden Road and the railway walk. The engineer said that if these were on public property, warning signs could be erected.

She also referred to overgrowth affecting the footpath at Hayes’ Hill, Crosshaven used by schoolchildren and asked that it be looked at and called for a connection for lights in the Pier Garden, especially before Christmas.

In conjunction with the Disability Federation of Ireland and councillors, a grant application for a ramp at Fountainstown beach was being reviewed and Sports Partnership asked to carry out an assessment. It was part of a long list.

Fountainstown was recently awarded a Blue Flag by An Taisce for the first time since 1991 and along with Rocky Bay, received a Green Coast Flag for excellent water quality and environmental management, Ms Conway added.

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