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Bake Sale for Sarah

Writes Catherine O’Brien Murphy

My name is Catherine O’Brien Murphy, and myself and my daughter, Aisling Murphy, are asking local people to help my little grand-niece Sarah. Our family are from Belgooly and it is where our relations are. Sarah is such a bright, 6 year old girl that took her first steps in our home with her godparents, Aisling and Shane. Unfortunately though, Sarah has a lot of health problems. Over the past two years Sarah has been through so many tests which led to her being initially diagnosed with Uveitis. In the end, Sarah got diagnosed with a rare genetic cancerous disease called ‘Wagner’s Syndrome’, which affects different parts of the body, in Sarah’s case it’s affecting her eyes. Once a month, Sarah receives a low dose of chemotherapy. In addition, she receives an injection weekly containing chemo and is on medication daily to help prevent the cancer from developing. Sarah is set for an operation next month which will hopefully improve Sarah’s eyesight but it is not guaranteed.

Sarah’s parents Patrick and Sarah Connery, daughter of Sean and Jane O’Leary have already gone through so much already with the passing of their son Joseph aged 4, five years ago to another rare genetic disease. Due to Sarah’s condition their home needs to be upgraded to it make a safe environment for Sarah to live in. Lighting needs to be added throughout the house especially the stairs and their back garden needs shelter especially during the Summer as due to all the medication and infusions she cannot be in direct sunlight, as it affects her eyes and she is in high risk of sunstroke, she needs a safe place to play.

Because of what’s happening to our family we have decided to fundraise for her by holding a cake sale on Sunday 14th May from 9am in the Carrigaline band hall (next to the Catholic Church). We would greatly appreciate if bakers could get in contact with us and donations will be accepted also you can donate by contacting either myself Catherine O’Brien Murphy (0879411175) or Aisling Murphy (0877866753). Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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