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Ballygarvan Home Makes Final Viewing

Writes JJ Hurley

Ballygarvan's David O'Brien has made it to the final shake-down of RTE's Home of the Year. A self-built project.

David described the stunning construction as a traditional take on Irish vernacular architecture, reflecting many of the buildings in what's predominantly an agricultural area. While the building fraternity has been raving about the two-storey dormer, since it featured on the national station, locals will not be at all surprised, as his late father, Ray O'Brien, was well respected in the construction industry.

Indeed, the name RJ O' Brien was synonymous not just in the construction of homes and farm buildings, but the company continues to host lucrative maintenance contracts. While David is delighted with his recent project's success and the acclaim it received, there's a sense of sadness his late father, who passed away five years ago, was not there to share in the success. 'My parents have always encouraged us to be entrepreneurial,' remarked David, 'they always supported us in our endeavours.'

With the success of the Workshop Café in Ballygarvan, which David and his brother, Aiden, established eight years ago, it was a clear demonstration of the faith parents, Ray and Teresa, had in their children's business acumen. David has subsequently joined the family building firm, with brother John, at the helm. Asked what's the secret of the sibling's success in working together, as sister Triona is the head baker at the Workshop Café, David praises his parents for instilling a sense of togetherness and a great work ethic.

Indeed, in their teens, they were often found working with their dad, as helping the family was always important. He's incredibly grateful to his brother, John and CEA architects in Midleton, to bring his dream to reality. Now we have to wait eight weeks to see if he's scooped the top prize? While we are waiting, you can log onto Instagram and sit back and admire the property @newbuildireland.

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