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Ballygarvan Man Pitches To Dragons Den

Noel Marshall Reinvents Foam Rolling

Ballygarvan man, Noel Marshall, will appear on Dragons Den this Thursday April 22nd at 8pm on BBC 1, as he tries to get the Dragons support for his latest venture.

Renowned for his Bricky invention of 20 years ago, Noel's new breed of high-quality foam roller provides soft tissue muscle release. The rollers are mounted off the floor in a stable based giving the user far greater control and stability over the traditional foam roller. They are made from high-density EVA foam and fitted with steel ball bearings.

The BackBaller is already being used by many world leading athletes and teams including Man City before and after training sessions and games to avoid injury. The roller applies targeted pressure to release the muscle groups and joints that can easily be strained during intense training.

Noel even removes the guesswork with a bespoke 16-step programme targeting the key muscle groups, this follow along video is freely available on his website

Noel has already sold over 60,000 BackBaller’ s and you can see him pitch on BBC One this Thursday 22nd 8pm as he embarks on the next phase of this self-myofascial journey. We will see him pitching and presenting his brand-new bigger version - BodyBaller. This has the rollers mounted on a bed like frame and will be ideal for older folk who struggle to get up and down off the floor. We can all now benefit greatly from the muscle release that foam rolling provides. Noel says “A BackBaller should be in every household and the BodyBaller will be a great tool to have in gyms, clubs, and workplaces”.

Tune in Thursday evening and we’ll see how his pitch rolls in the Den.

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