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Barry Collins’ SuperValu Continue Sponsorship For Carrigaline Tidy Towns

Barry Collins’ SuperValu Continue Sponsorship For Carrigaline Tidy Towns

By Liam O’Connor (Chairman Carrigaline Tidy Towns)

Carrigaline Tidy Towns is organised and run by a group who are passionate and proud of the place they live in. The hard work and dedication has resulted in continuous improvements to the local townscape resulting in our very first gold medal award in 2017. A great deal of planning, preparation and hard work has resulted in the achievements of Carrigaline Tidy Towns and the funds gifted from our main sponsor, Barry Collins’ SuperValu, allows us to purchase some of the much-needed equipment, products and plants that have helped make Carrigaline the picturesque and beautiful town we have today.

Barry Collins SuperValu has been far more than just a monetary sponsor to Carrigaline Tidy Towns. For many years, it has advocated for, and supported, our pledge to improve Carrigaline and its surroundings, both physically and environmentally, helping to copper-fasten the success of many local Tidy Town initiatives. Barry Collins SuperValu have afforded Tidy Town the platform to promote current initiatives in their own store, an example of which include the distribution of wildflower seeds to local residents, a plastic awareness day where customers were given the opportunity to discard their plastics wrapping, thus highlighting the growing concern of excessive plastic packaging from manufacturers and most recently the introduction of biodegradable fruit and vegetable bags which have far reaching positive implications for our environment. This is the epitome of how a local organisation is supporting the cause, not only financially but also in terms of making genuine strides to play their part.

2018 judging period for National Tidy Towns competition will begin on Saturday 16th June, and preparations have been underway for the past number of months. As always, we are very thankful to our sponsors and volunteers who work tirelessly to help us achieve our goals. Carrigaline has the potential to compete with the very best of Irish towns and there is no reason why we could not, one day, win the overall national Award, winning the title of “Irelands Tidiest Town”.

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