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Bord Pleanala Burn Local Campaigners

Bord Pleanala Burn Local Campaigners Writes Jack White In what has been seen as a disappointing slight against local anti-incinerator campaigners, An Bord Pleanala have refused requests by CHASE, local councilors and others for an extension to the Oral Hearing date for Indaver’s Ringaskiddy incinerator application. In refusing the application for an extension, An Bord Pleanala confirmed that the Oral Hearing will start on 19 April at Carrigaline Court Hotel at 10.30am, citing 12 July 2016 as deadline date under Strategic Infrastructure Process. CHASE and other anti-incinerator campaigners wrote to An Bord Pleanala following receipt of registered letters on 31 March/1st April advising of the hearing date, leaving just 12 working days preparation for the hearing. Bord Pleanala received over 220 submissions objecting to the proposal, each of which was accompanied by a payment of €50. Submissions, which highlighted site unsuitability, accident risk and hazard, health concerns and gross conflict with regeneration of surrounding area, included objections and concerns from elected representatives, representative bodies of local colleges, resident associations, tourism bodies, HSE, An Taisce, local agricultural groups, schools and over 1000 individuals via group submissions. CHASE Chairperson, Mary O’Leary said, “The Community has been given under 2 working weeks to prepare for an Oral Hearing, with the date set before the full submission process is even complete. Stark contrast has to be made with the consultation period of over 3.5 years which Indaver have had with An Bord Pleanala to prepare this third application. There is no element of fairness in this process, which is heavily weighted towards the applicant. It is, to the best of our knowledge the shortest Oral Hearing notice and the longest consultation period on record. We are being squeezed to our very core.” The hearing is open to the public once it commences.

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