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Bus Stop Poles, Parking Compliance Needed in Passage West

Writes Ciaran Dineen

At the latest meeting of the Carrigaline Municipal District (MD), Councillor Marcia D’Alton (Ind) made urgent requests for the installation of bus stop poles at numerous spots in Passage West.

Cllr D’Alton was evidently frustrated that she needed to bring the issue to the attention of Cork County Council, having previously tried to resolve the issue herself on numerous occasions. The stops that need attention are Marmullane Park, St Peter’s School and Lucia Place, all located in Passage.

Over a year ago, Cllr D’Alton recalls that she informed the Council that the bus stop pole had fallen down at Marmullane Park. Since then the Passage-based Councillor has followed up on several occasions with Bus Éireann but to no avail. “It’s an issue because we have a new bus route going through Passage, the 216, and not all of the bus drivers stop. So I am embarrassingly asking the Municipal District for support on this, in writing to Bus Éireann”, Cllr D’Alton said.

It’s a pretty vexatious issue to deal with and while she understood that when requesting bus shelters and new routes that it must be brought to the National Transport Authority, Cllr D’Alton rightfully expressed her frustration that such a paltry and basic problem should be dealt with much more effectively and efficiently. Finally she asked if the MD would consider marking out a bus stopping bay on Lucia Place, where currently the bus often has no room to pull in.

Concerns over Footpath Parking

Another issue that has arisen in recent weeks according to Cllr D’Alton is an increase in the number of cars parking on footpaths in the Harbour Area. She wanted to raise the problem given the rise in footfall along the coastal greenway, with many pedestrians being forced to actually get off the pathways in some areas due to vehicular obstacles impeding their routes. Cllr D’Alton indicated that she had spoken with local gardaí in order to try and promote a “concerted effort” at resolving the issue.

In support was Councillor Ben Dalton O’Sullivan (Ind), acknowledging that this was an issue in many areas of the MD and in other districts. As a result, he suggested that it might be in their interests to contact the County Mayor’s office, to see if something could be promoted at a wider level.

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