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Carrigaline Boy’s Generosity

Carrigaline Boy’s Generosity

In the midst of some of the more serious news stories in the national press at the moment, we’re delighted to have an uplifting, local story for our readers this week.

9-year-old Carrigaline boy, Jack O’Grady, who attends Carrigaline Gaelscoil, Made his first Holy Communion on May 19th. Afterwards his parents Christina and Mark held a little party for family and friends to celebrate the occasion.

Later that day, having opened his cards, Jack surprised his parents when he presented them with an sealed envelope, with ‘Charity’ written on it. He explained that he wanted to give half of his Communion money to ‘the poorest people’.

Mum Christina told The Carrigdhoun that a few days previously on May 14th, which happened to be Jack’s birthday, the family were in Cork City. It was raining heavily and young Jack spotted sleeping bags in shop doorways and asked his parents why they were there. Christina explained the homeless situation, which forced some people to sleep in the open. She could tell that Jack was greatly bothered by this but seemed somewhat reassured when it was explained that many people were working hard to help those who found themselves homeless.

Christina’s sister Marion Fehily had previously volunteered with local charity, Homeless Drive. Established by Carrigaline man Finbarr Spillane, Homeless Drive collect and store provisions before driving to Cork City to distribute food, clothes, sanitary items etc. to homeless people. Jack had a degree of understanding regarding the work of Homeless Drive and initially wanted to give the money directly to Finbarr but when it was explained that there was a list of items the Drive needed on an ongoing basis, it was decided that Jack and Christina would head to the supermarket and start buying.

Having filled the trolley, Christina and Jack then drove to Finbarr’s house to drop off the items. Finbarr was absolutely delighted with the donation and chatted with Jack and Christina about the work that Homeless Drive do in the city and what a difference Jack’s kind gesture would make to people who find themselves homeless. Jack was delighted to notice the Manchester United memorabilia in Finbarr’s house as he is also a fan.

It’s very heartening to see such kindness in a young boy like Jack and it is only fitting that Mark and Christina are congratulated for raising such a kind and generous boy.

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