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Carrigaline Company Launches Eco-Friendly Masks

Carrigaline company, RashR launches eco-friendly reusable face masks with filters in response to COVID crisis.

Carrigaline company “RashR”, owned by local man Tom Cotter, has joined the charge against COVID -19 transmission by pivoting their business to produce eco-friendly, reusable face masks with filters, for the general public with €2 of the proceeds per mask going to the Irish Lung Fibrosis Association (ILFA).

In an effort to think outside the box as a result of a temporary decline in their core business, and in the pursuit of helping out the ILFA as well as the people of Ireland as a whole in the fight against COVID-19, “RashR”, is now producing washable eco-friendly facemasks with filters.

Since 2017, the company has been a leading supplier to luxury resorts across the world (such as the Four Seasons, Sixth Sense, and Richard Branson’s luxury resort, Necker Island) with their sustainable clothing and accessories (including rash vests, compression tops, boardshorts and caps).

Pic: Carrigaline man and CEO of RashR, Tom Cotter.

However, with the onset of COVID-19, the company is now using the materials they traditionally used in the production of their internationally renowned rash vests (protective skin clothing for surfers in hot climates) to produce high quality face masks on an industrial scale.

Speaking about the decision to launch “RashR” facemasks, CEO, founder and Carrigaline-native, Tom Cotter said: “In response to the current pandemic, we have committed to utilising our wide international network and considerable industry experience to source reliable good quality, eco-friendly materials in the fight against COVID-19 at realistic cost by working directly with top manufacturers.

The masks have been manufactured using recycled polyester at just under medical grade standard so will not be interfering with the supply of PPE equipment for healthcare workers. 

However, the masks will be suitable to those in a general work and public environment as businesses slowly begin to open their doors again based on public health guidelines.”

“We also wanted to help a charity as we know they are especially struggling during this time, so with that we chose to donate €2 of each mask to the Irish Lung Fibrosis Foundation.

The masks have also recently received the support and backing of none other than Leonardo Di Caprio, who is well-known outside of his acting on the big screen for being a devout environmental activist.  

Each mask is €19.99 and includes 1 filter (with €2 per mask donation going to The Irish Lung Fibrosis Association). A Pack of 5 filters is available also at €7.50. For further information on the masks or to place an order, see or follow @TeamRashR on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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