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Carrigaline Man Aaron Elliffe Launches AE Coaching

Carrigaline Man Aaron Elliffe has recently launched his own business, AE Coaching. Here, he tells us his journey so far.

My name is Aaron Elliffe, I am from Carrigaline and may be a familiar face in the community as I’ve worked in both KJ Strength and Performance and Galvins Carry Out off-license.

In March of this year I left the great people in Carry Out to fully pursue my passion in fitness as I had just received my full certificate in personal training from the NCEF in Limerick so I decided to start a new online business which I named AE Coaching.

Many people told me that it was a risk to start a business in the middle of a pandemic and that I should wait but my attitude was the risk I don’t take is the opportunity that I would lose.

I built my business off the success and failures in my own fitness journey where I was able to turn my life around for the better. I hit a low point in life in 2018 where I had lost my confidence and my will to win, I felt quite low which led to a bad relationship with food, family, sleep and unfortunately bad alcohol habits started to creep in.

I knew I had to change and had to start loving myself again. I promised myself that there was no more starting a clean lifestyle on Monday and giving up by Thursday, that this time would be different.

Fast forward from September 2018- May 19 and I completely turned it around. I had lost 35kg in body fat which is the equivalent of 5.5 stone and felt the best I had ever felt in my life. While I continued my study in personal training I was fortunate enough to receive an internship from KJ where I eventually got the job and have the privilege of working there to this day. I’ve been at an all time high for the last two years and it’s only getting better. I’m now in a position where I help men of all ages who were like me at my lowest and help them become the best physical and mental version of themselves through exercise.

All of my programs are done online which can be done at the comfort of your own home with no equipment necessary, just a serious commitment to improving. Not only do we focus on the physical side of training but also on the mental side where I teach my clients about goal setting, motivation and stepping out of your comfort zone.

If anyone has any enquiries about my services please contact me through Facebook / Instagram @ae.coaching2021 Or email

Thank you to The Carrigdhoun Newspaper who reached out to me to highlight the importance of minding your physical and mental health through these difficult times.

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