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Carrigaline needs something to be known for

By Harry O’Donovan


With the local election on the horizon and talks of installing a new public swimming pool in Carrigaline, it begs the question; What do we really need in Carrigaline?

Carrigaline needs a hook. It needs to draw the crowd in, not only locals but visitors too. The proposal of a new swimming pool is a start but we need to think bigger.

As it stands it is currently being considered to put a public swimming pool and sports complex in Carrigaline. The idea, raised by Fianna Fáil Councillor Séamus McGrath, is said to be a multi-sport complex capable of hosting a wide variety of events. There is a private swimming pool available in Carrigaline Court Hotel but it remains for members. 

Carrigaline Village

In conjuction, the Rugby and Athletics partnership grounds achieved planning permission in September of last year and is currently undergoing fundraising efforts. The site is planned to contain 3 full sized rugby pitches, running track, Field athletics facilities, clubhouse and parking.

All these incredible new sports additions means that the next generations will have as much opportunity to play sport as they could wish for. Carrigaline is already known for its sporting capabilities but not everyone is keen to kick a ball around a pitch.

I would love to see an area in the park that could be used for live music during the summer. Something along the lines of how they run the summer music festival down in Bandon. I think it would be great to be able to host local events and entertainment all under the fresh air.

The festival will not only improve the community aspect of Carrigaline but will give an opportunity for local bands to get the recognition they deserve as well as benefiting businesses financially. Food Truck owners and local restaurants could make a lot of money off of tourists coming in to see a festival as well as locals getting out and about and socialising.

At the moment Carrigaline has a serious lack of identity with no draw for anyone to come visit. If you look at our neighbours in Crosshaven, they have the esteemed Cork Week, a biannual regatta, which is a big hit for the locals, tourists and the local economy.

That’s what Carrigaline needs more than anything, an event to be known for.



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