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Carrigaline On Alert

According to the information we received, at around 6p.m, then men asked the girl for directions to the church. She told them and then they asked her would she get into the van to show them, though thankfully she ran away. We have also been told that Carrigaline Gardai have been informed. We at The Carrigdhoun posted the information on our Facebook page shortly after receiving it and there followed a huge reaction from readers sharing the post, in an attempt to warn residents in the area. It is not the first time such an incident has been reported through social media in the area, always prompting a rapid online interest. Several readers expressed shock at news of the incident with one concerned mother remarking, “It’s sickening to think this can happen on our doorstep in Carrigaline. What if the poor little girl had been taken? Thank God she knew to run away instead of getting into the van!” If anyone has any further information on the incident, you can message us on Facebook,, email or call Carrigaline Gardai on 021-4919370

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