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Carrigaline’s Jim Kelly Publishes Book

Updated: May 15, 2021

Granny's Special Delivery

Last year’s lockdown was a time for many people to use enforced leisure time to pursue their dreams and goals, learning new skills, clearing out the junk in the attic or simply reading novels and watching films on Netflix.

It was no different for Jim Kelly from Carrigaline, who had been planning and procrastinating for nearly 30 years to write a children's book about his daughter Aisling’s imagined adventures in a fun filled epic journey from London to a remote part of Ireland.

Living in London with her family, Aisling, aged 5, really missed her Granny who lived in the west of Ireland. She always enjoyed visiting for holidays in the summer but was so sad to leave her when it was time to go home. So, one day Aisling decided to find her way back to her Granny!

Jim Kelly, Author. Pic: Siobhan Russell

Granny's Special Delivery tells the story of Aisling’s adventures along the way, from London to the pretty thatched cottage in Ireland where Granny lived. Making friends with a mischievous mouse along the way, they share an unforgettable adventure with a happy ending.

Someone once said that the best stories are about journeys and arriving at a destination. This is a heartwarming tale about the love between grandchildren and their grandparents and is very appropriate and touching at this time of pandemic where there is so much isolation in families and where hugging is forbidden.

Jim’s five year old grandson Lachlan suggested some very sensible changes to the first draft of the book and is now happy with the final version.

The grown-up Aisling is of course best known locally as a nutrition therapist and member of Carrigaline Musical Society. Her Granny Nora passed away in 2017 at the grand age of 96 and is now immortalised in the book.

Jim has already received requests for a version in Irish and has started the translation process. Also, as Chair of Carrigaline Twinning Association, French and German versions have been suggested by friends in our twin towns of Guidel and Kirchseeon. This may take a bit longer! He has also hinted about negotiations for the movie rights...!

Jim has committed to making a donation from proceeds of the sales to the Heart Angel charity based in Carrigaline and set up by Eoin and Irene O’Connor in memory of their beloved daughter Beibhinn.

Beautifully illustrated by talented Carrigaline artist Rita Dineen, in her distinctive, imaginative style, this book appeals to all ages. Granny's Special Delivery is due to be launched shortly and will be available to buy in Carrigaline Bookshop, other outlets and online.

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